Custom Wood Dash Truck Shelf Installation

Requirements & Notes

Tools Required - 7/16 Socket with Ratchet, Phillips Screwdriver

Time Required - 30 Minutes

Hardware Required - All provided with shelf at Dealership

Important Notes - When purchasing a Custom Wood Dash Truck Shelf from a dealer, the truck year is required to provide the correct bolt pattern.

The shelf is to be used for organization of contents inside the truck for the operator. Contents of the material stored on shelf should not exceed 20 pounds.

Toolbox foam drawer liner on the top of shelf will keep stored items from moving or shifting.

Installation Steps

Step 1 - Remove sunvisors and replace with Aluminum Triangle Attachment using the 3 existing screws from sunvisors.

Step 2 - Remove CB Radio to clear area for shelf.

Step 3 - Set shelf in area for installation. **Install end bolts first, then middle.**

Step 4 - Use 7/16 bolts, washers and spacers to run through shelf and attach to Aluminum Triangle Attachment.

Step 5 - Use remaining 7/16 bolts, washers and spacers to run through middle of shelf and attach to CB headliner.

Step 6 - Tighten all bolts to snug, do not over tighten.

Step 7 - Put CB radio between shelf and headliner.

Step 8 - Install chrome knobs over bolt heads.

Step 9 - Enjoy!